a2. ministries (international)

Aanchal: Center for Differently Abled Children

Agape Restoration Society (Russia)

see also Outline of Basis and Plan; Courses on Practical Ministries

Al-Kafaàt (Abilities)

In the country of Lebanon – a a multi-dimensional support system for persons with disabilities.   Myriam Schwayri, the founder’s daughter, addressed the Antiochian Archdiocese at their convention in Montreal in 2007 (text):  The Al-Kafaàt Foundation

The Bethlehem Association

supports needy, elderly and sick people in Bethlehem, Beit-Jala and Beit Sahur, Palestine.

The Centre of Enlightenment and Charity of the Belorussian Exarchate

 Charity (Macedonian Orthodox Church)

The Cheerful Heart Centre the Mentally Disabled (CHC), Egypt

Davidovo Village, Russia

 Estia Foundation of Australia

The Four Homes of Mercy (Palestine)   

Fund for Assistance to the ROCOR – Ukraine: Monastery of the Holy Ascension

Elder Gabriel of Georgia: Confessor of Christ – Healings

the Greek Orthodox Mission in India 

Also from India: Greek nun lights up lives, gives hope to Kolkata kids 

Christian social mission in India: stages of development and modern problems  

The “Happy Child” Charity Fund, Zaporozhye, Ukraine

The Hesychastic Society of the Most Holy Mary, Toronto, ON 

Hope and Health Association, Moldova

House of Mercy in Minsk

Incendiary: Icons for the Blind

Lipetsk, Russia

International Orthodox Christian Charities

Assistance is provided to persons in crisis and in need throughout the world, including persons with disability. See also Stay Updated

Live Tommorow 

“Orthodox Christian charity dedicated to helping the growing number of sick and disabled children in Ukraine.”

Monastery of St. Martyr Grand Princess Elizabeth

Minsk, Russia

Orthodox Diakonia: Churches and Organizations

Survey of the main diaconal structures and organisations in the Orthodox Church.

Voices from Russia: Panfilovo, Vologda oblast, Russia: the town which has adopted many disabled children 


In Sierra Leone and Kenya. (The mission contributes to efforts in Papua New Guinea and India as well).

Russian Orphans Opportunity Fund

Seeks to prepare Russian orphans for a full life in Russian society.

Three Russian Orthodox Christian Orphanages

St. Gregory’s Foundation

a charitable and missionary society in cooperation with the Orthodox Church serving Russia

St. John the Compassionate Mission

in Toronto, Ontario- In addition to serving hot meals in a poor neighborhood of Toronto, the mission encourages involvement in prayer (“a basic human need”) in the chapel (St. Silouan the Athonite Parish). There is also a thrift store and a bakery which trains, among other “challenged” people (aren’t we all?), persons with developmental disability.

Saint Paraskeva Orthodox Charity (Romania)

St. Sophia’s Orphanage 

Meduza: Nothing Out of the Ordinary: Inside Russia’s First Private Orphanage for disabled Children 

The Sisters of Mercy: Mercy as a Way of Life (Pravmir.com) 

Summer Camp in Sevastopol, Russia for children with disabilities (from Voices from Russia)

Theotokos Foundation

This Greek Foundation offers services to children and young people with intellectual disability and other developmental disorders as well as giving support to their families.

Mystagogy: A Blind and Deaf Girl Healed by the Theotokos at Kiev Caves Lavra 

Tikhvin Icon of Our Lady Temple

Moscow, Russia; an Orthodox Christian Parish Temple with3-D Icons and Sign Language for Persons with Visual and Auditory disabilities

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