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This is the blog where I write posts concerning Orthodox Christian Disability Resources: Arms Open Wide: Orthodox Christian Disability Resources 

Published on August 3, 2009 at 7:42 pm  Comments (5)  

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  1. Hi….do you know if there exists any resources which take the Divine Liturgy and apply PECS communication pictures to sequence the liturgy for kids?

    Any other PECS resources outlining how to make the sign of the cross? The entry into church (e.g. light candle, kiss icon, etc?)

  2. I’m sorry but I couldn’t find it on a Google search. I looked at a 100 results and nothing. I will look into the matter. Actually, another member of my Parish is the head of the North American Antiochian Christian Archdiocese Education Department- Carole Buleza. I will discuss it with her. Sounds like it would be a good idea to pursue.

  3. Actually we are already working on it here in Boston through the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese. I”m a mom of an 8 year old with Down Syndrome and I am working with a mom who has twin 4 year old boys with Autism. Inspiration can be found through a mom in the Catholic Boston diocese:


    However if you have someone in your diocese who is familiar with the PECs system (Mayer Johnson pics etc) that is willing to help out that might be useful. I have a meeting at the archdiocese next Wednesday.

    Where are you located?

    • I’m from Millersville, PA (Lancaster County, 65 miles west of Philadelphia). Carole is from York County, just west. I will pass all this along to her. I’m an advisor in a group home. She surely knows people who could be helpful to you.

  4. Thanks! Maybe this could be a combined effort! I will be meeting with the Greek Orthodox Archdiocesan Director of Religious Education next Wednesday. We’ll see how it goes =)


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