b. to read (online article collections)

Ancient Christian Wisdom, by Fr. Alexis Trader

continuing commentary on his book Ancient Christian Wisdom and Aaron Beck’s Cognitive Therapy: A Meeting of Minds

Facebook: Deaf Orthodox Christians

Facebook: Koinonia for Exceptional Orthodox Families 

Fr. George Morelli

Articles on Anxiety, Depression, Abuse, Anger, Guilt, Brokenness, Conflict, Psychological Barriers, Forgiveness, as well as Good Marriage, Smart Parenting, etc.

Living With the Woof

An  Orthodox Christian’s experiences with a service dog

Convent of St. Martyr Grand Princess Elisabeth

Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ (Gal. 6:2) “The mission of our convent is to provide spiritual and social help to the sick and the suffering. The Convent runs a homestead located 19 miles from Minsk. It helps drug and alcohol addicts as well as socially vulnerable persons tackle their problems and provides the homeless with shelter and care.” (see Recent Stories)

The Orthodox Christian Association of Medicine, Psychology, and Religion: Archives

Orthodox Home Schooling & The SPS Reader: A Collection of Orthodox Classical Homeschool Musings & Paidea Classics: Orthodox Christian Owned and Operated Homeschooling Websites, Companies, and Curriculum Publishers

See also the “Orthodox Christian Homeschooling” Facebook Page

In Communion: Pro-Life Resources

Orthodox Church in Amerca: Resource Handbook for Ministries

See especially

Disability and Communion

Children with Special Needs and the Orthodox Christian Family By Father Steven P. Tsichlis

Who is My neighbor? By Maureen Juhas and Barbara Matusiak

The Handicapped and Orthodox Worship, by Fr. Stephen Plumlee

Some Practical Suggestions for Parish Ministry To People With Special Needs, by Fr. Stephen Plumlee

Ministering To Residents Of An Adult Foster Care Home, by Fr. Michael Matsko: Good Samaritan Ministry

St. Michael’s Program of Social Outreach to the Criminally Insane, by Fr. John Kowalczyk

How to Visit a Nursing Home, by Cy Christopher Carstens (CNS)

No Small Change, by Albert Rossi, Gay Rossi and Stewart Armour

 Church and the Child with Invisible Disabilities, by Wendy Cwiklinski

When Help Is Needed: Choosing A Therapist, by Fr. Bogdan Djurjulov

Depression: Can It Be An Opportunity? By Michael Lopukhin

Issues in Mental Health: Dealing with Depressive Disorders, by Albert S. Rossi, Ph.D.

And, when disability begins to come to all:

Seniors: An Orthodox vision of aging. Senior issues. Ministry of seniors. Parish and family ministry to the elderly. Community services for the elderly.

OrthodoxPhotos.com: Orthodox Psychotherapy: Readings

by Dr. Dmitri Aleksandrovici Avdeev,  translated by Nicolas and Natalie Semyanko

Prof. Dmitry Avdeev, M.D., Ph.D.

Roundtable: “Education for Change and Diakonia:” Resource Materials

See Especially

Roundtable “Diakonia:” Assistance to disabled children

Roundtable “Diaconia”: More Assistance to disabled children

Roundtable “Diakonia:” Spiritual Enlightening of the Hearing-impaired, by Priest Pyotr Kolomiytsev

Summer Kinard: writing, autism, & theology as a mother of joy

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