b. to read (online theses & dissertations)

The Attitudes of Parents towards their Blind Children: A Case Study in Bahir Dar Town

97 pp., by Fisseha Zelalem

The Basis of the Social Concept

(Russian Orthodox Church) –see especially XI.1.

Christian Bioethics in a Post-Christian Age

15 pp., by H. Tristram Engelhardt, Jr.

Church and Social Integration of Disabled People 

by Professor Lavrendios G. Dellasoudas, 32 pp.

Disability and Communion 

Standing Conference of the Canonical OrthodoxBishops in the Americas 4 pp. Official Statement

 Embracing All God’s Children: Orthodox Theology Concerning Disability and Its Implications for Ministry with Special Needs Youth in the Orthodox Church   by Wendy Cwiklinski, 68 pp.

Growing Up: Disability and Cultural Dynamics in an Egypt ian/American Family Christine – Marie Youssef, M.S. Ed, A.M., LSW, 11 pp.

The Impact of Orthodox Christian Neptic – Psychotherapeutic Intervention on Self – Reported Depressive Symptomatology and Comorbid Anxiety 

289 pp. dissertation by Zoran Vujisic 

Issues Concerning the Sanctity and Dignity of Human Life

This statement on the sanctity of human life was synthesized and expanded upon from the most recent statements issued from the Orthodox Church in America and the Antiochian Archdiocese. It is prayerfully hoped that this humble work will form a starting point from which the entire North American Orthodox Church can speak with power and with one voice on the moral crisis that threatens the very fabric of our society.

Personhood, Human Brokenness and the Therapeutic Calling of the Eastern Orthodox Church: A Pastoral Approach To Mental Health Issues and Disability; To Access:  http://repository.divinity.edu.au/12/1/Masters_Thesis_Clare_Cagnoni.pdf

126 pp. thesis by Presybtera Clare Cagnoni

Questions for Reflection toward a Presentation on the Christian Attitude toward disabled people  

 St John Chrysostom and the Socialization of Persons with Developmental Disability: Patristic Inspiration for Contemporary Application

 61 pp. thesis by William Gall

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