a3. Orthodox Christian Discussions concerning Disability

From Orthodox Christianity.net  forums

Is there a laxity for those who are mentally ill and can’t confess/repent?

Does the Orthodox Church adequately support their members with disabilities?

The Enfeebled / Mentally Handicapped & Salvation   

Does the Orthodox Church admit to the Eucharist those who are mentally impaired?

Seeking Autism / ADHD / MR-DD material to train camp staff

 Learning disabilities?

the Canon RE:disabilities (concerning clergy)

a discussion on the canons in regard to a disability as an impediment for priests

From Monachos.net forums

Prayers for myself – Illness, disability, etc.

Rules about priests with dementia

Priest in wheelchair

John 9.2, 3: Why was the man born blind?

Struggle with the philosophy of men and devils

(The struggles of a man with disabilities)

Special needs children in the Church

 Mental health and relationship to God

Clergy in wheelchairs? 


Koinonia for Exceptional Orthodox Families – Community & Koinonia for Exceptional Orthodox Christian Families

Deaf Orthodox Christians

Orthodox Christian Disability Advocates

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